How do I place a bet in SBOBET Financials?

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SBOBET Financials is a binary options betting platform that is easy to operate. It only takes a few steps for you to place a bet:

  1. Sign in to your SBOBET account and click on the Financials tab located at the top of the page.
  2. Select the binary option you wish to place a bet on, e.g. HIGH/LOW.

    Financials Binary Options

  3. Select the desired asset you wish to place a bet on, e.g. Currencies.

    Financials Assets Menu

  4. Scroll to check the option expiry time.

    The default time zone used by SBOBET Financials is GMT+8 (Hong Kong Time).

    To change your display time in SBOBET Financials, please read How do I change the time zone of the event display time?

    Financials Expiry Time

  5. Choose a trading direction.
  6. Enter your bet stake and click Place Bet. Your bet is accepted by our system and not allowed to be cancelled once you click on Place Bet to confirm the bet. Our system is only able to accept whole numbers as stake per bet and decimal amount is not supported.

    Est Payout: Once you have entered your stake, the estimated payout on your bet ticket is automatically updated to display the amount you could possibly win with your stake amount.

    Minimum and Maximum Bet: If the stake amount you have entered is lower than the minimum bet or higher than the maximum bet for your selected option, you will be notified via an alert message box that the system has automatically adjusted your stake to meet the bet limits for the event.

  7. A confirmation alert message box is displayed once you have confirmed your bet.
  8. Click on Open Bets or My Bets to check the bet you have made.
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